Welcome to Just Don't Cry Wolf. Please take your time and read through the rules and information supplied in this board. It will make your stay with us a whole lot easier.
This is where you can find the plot, and any current plot updates. Please check regularly, because this is subject to change, should we deem something happen to the site. And please, if you feel like your idea might become a fun site wide plot, let us know, and we, the staff, will look it over, and it might become the next fun idea.
Okay, so this isn't really, 'meetings' but this is where all the announcements will be held, on Just Don't Cry Wolf. If something big is going on, we'll post here. So check in regularly, if you want to stay on top of it all
This is where you can take all the credits you have gathered around the site and use them to purchase 'tokens', or the items in the store, for your characters. There are a lot of amazing stuff in here -- So enjoy!
Okay, so here is where we will hold our activity checks, these will happen about once a month, and will start when the site becomes more active, and begins to hold a decent size population.
Are you leaving us for a while, going on vacation, or maybe you are leaving the site for ever... Either way, please post here, so that you won't get deleted on an activity check, or so we know if you'll be away.


Here is where you can find different items on the characters of the site, as well as the character directory, and who's who list.
Here is where you come to create your character. And Please, I repeat; PLEASE, post in the correct subboard.
Here is where you can find all the accepted people for the site.
So, do you have a character you can no longer play? Do you want to give them up to someone else? Then post the information here so that others can adopt the characters and plots!
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Here are where all the claims are held. Please fill them out, once, and only after you have been accepted, unless you are reserving something. Thank you.
Here is where all the information regarding the babies born on site can be found. For students, townies, and teachers alike. Inside you will find the details and special rules for having babies, as well as the forms to have babies made, and the subboards for born children's profiles.


Here are where you can post the plot pages of your character. One per character, please.
If you have a character that wants a friend, maybe a lover. Come and check out the plot ads here, and start plotting!
Here is where you can find Cry Wolf Times, the newspaper for Cry Wolf High, filled with everything you need to know about the school, and more! Enjoy!
Here is where you can talk through AIM type messaging
Communication through cell phones, what else is new, right, lol
Say you have a blog, or maybe a journal. here is where you can post those
♥ bottoms up ♥ [TREY'S JOURNAL] by silentcallings0928
this is where you post facebook, myspace, or twitter. That type of stuff.
Do you have a plot in mind that you want to get going? Perhaps you don't have time for an intense thread? Or maybe you have low muse and want to build it up - well this is your place then. This board is for posts, with a maximum of 500 words which means you cannot use more than that. Once you reach 500 it'll cut you off, so I suggest you not do any intense codes or tables or layouts, and just have fun here.
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Welcome to our Student Orientation, whether you are just a new student, or a transfer I suggest coming and checking out the orientation to learning anything and everything there is about this school!
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These succulent strawberries won't pick themselves. As a way of helping the school raise money, some farmers have gone in as partners and opened these strawberry fields for others to come snack from. All you have to do is pay for your bucket, then spend hours picking al the strawberries you want!
This is the outer part of the school, where you can find the sports fields, the track field, the park, the outside courtyard, and an old abandoned building that connects to an underground tunnel that takes you to the school's basement.
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The stables are located between the sports fields and the park. It contains 30 stalls, 10 of which are filled with the stables own personal lesson horses. There's also the indoor arena, outdoor arenas, a cross country course, and numerous riding trails.
This is the main hallway that runs through the school, splitting it in half, exactly in half.
The west wing is where the recreational things are, the gym, cafeteria, auditorium, study hall, student lounge.
This is where a lot of the offices are found, the school office, teacher's personal offices, the guidance office, the counselor's office. The teacher's lounge is also located here.
This is the east wing of the school, were all the classes are found.
This is where you can find the the storage, abandoned classrooms, as well as the staircase that leads either up to the attic, or down to the basement.
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These are the different suites for the teachers.
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These rooms were specially equipped to house the new exchange students from Atlantis High.
You can also find a common room/meeting place here too.
In room by 10, lights out by 11.
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This is where all the boys dorm rooms are. You can also find a common room/meeting place here too.
In room by 10, lights out by 11 and no members of the opposite sex in your room.
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This is where all the girls dorm rooms are. You can also find a common room/meeting place here too.
In room by 10, lights out by 11 and no members of the opposite sex in your room.
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This is where all the coed dorm rooms are. Only Juniors and Seniors can sign up for one of these rooms. You can also find a common room/meeting place here too.
In room by 10, lights out by 11.


The local dog shelter has noticed that many individuals aren't aware of just how many animals are with out homes in the shelter. So after partnering with some of the dragons in the town they've come up with a new, and unique situation to encourage the students and townspeople to adopt animals. For each animal they adopt they win a ride atop one of the many dragons helping out!
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Here is the horrid place where all the kidnapped victims are being kept. Hopefully they'll be rescued soon!
This place entertains with an 'old school' sort of feel. With a decent selection of food, plus an excellent wine collection, this place is of top quality.
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Who doesn't love the theatre, and ever knows IMAX is amazing right? So come here, to enjoy what's playing. But keep up, or else, you'll find yourself missing the movie you most want to see

Now Playing-
Breaking Dawn Part 2
1:25 4:45 7:30 9:10
2:00 5:30 7:45 10:00
Here Comes the Boom
4:45 7:15 9:30 11:25
2:35 5:20 8:30 11:00
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Clearview Mall is one of the malls in town, but it's the one most frequented by the students of Cry Wolf High. Here they can enjoy the comforts and foods of the food court, or even shop at many of the stores offered inside!
Here you can enjoy relaxing evenings going up and down the steamboat, along the mississippi. A great place to bring a date, if you ask me, or maybe... You're just hoping to hook up.
New Orleans Botanical Gardens is spread across 10 acres of tropical conservatory, including a water lily pond, formal rose garden, azalea, camellia gardens and a horticultural garden. it's a calming way to spend an off day at school.
Aquarium of the Americas is just what it suggests, a huge aquarium. Though it costs for the outside public, most of the students know how to weasel their way into this attraction-especially at night.
This favorite stop for tour buses features a standard fare of Po-Boys, hot dogs, and ice cream. There are other conveniences including restrooms and a playground. A nearby stage often features live music. There is a lagoon behind the Casino where you can hire paddleboats and canoes.
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Ah, yes, the city park. Relaxing and quiet, it's a great place to get away. The air is calming, and with so many places to go and relax, or just stroll, you can always expect to remain in that calm atmosphere.
This is an awesome club, that is always playing the best live music the town has to offer. The drinks a superb, the music rocks, the dancing is high... Why wouldn't you come here?
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Eastover Country Club is one of the many country clubs in New Orleans. It's a popular spot for the rich of New Orleans, because only those with big pocked can afford it here.
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Who doesn't love the zoo, right? Anyone can come here, for only a few books, make an afternoon of it. Enjoy yourselves. Take a date? Go with friends? It's almost an anything goes situation at the zoo-that is, if you can avoid the guards.
DBA is one of the most popular clubs in New Orleans. WIth awesome music, a high atmosphere and a nice collection of beverages, it's no surprise this club ranks an almost 5 star rating.
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Children of all ages will enjoy a ride on the hand-carved horses of the last wooden carousel in Louisiana. After a spin on the carousel, ride the afternoon away on any of the other amusement rides in the collection including a Tilt-a-Whirl, Scrambler, Bumper Cars, and 40-foot Slide. Finish the day with a trip around the park in one of the open-air passenger cars of the Park's miniature train. This place has a fun atmosphere and the most popular spot to impress a date.
So you want to live in town? Whether you are a teacher, or a townie, here is where you can find your home located!
Blazers' Security Firm is perhaps one of the most secure locations in all of New Orleans - unless you count the jail, but even then Blazers' tends to have better security. From the outside this building seems rather terrifying, a skyscraper some call it, with it's seven different floors (the visible ones that is). It's full of offices, work rooms, meeting rooms, as well as a few floors with housing for employees. In the 'Dungeons' as some of the men refer to the basement floors, you have some jail cells, holding pens, as well as an indoor pool, a gym, and some mats for wrestling and keeping in shape.
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Palace is a three star restaurant, that is moderately priced. It's well known for it's desserts, and it's a very upscale restaurant. You are not allowed past the door, with jeans, t-shirts, or shirts.
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Feeling sick, or have an injury that needs to be examined? Come here to Healing Hearts, and they will heal you!
Enter through large ornate gates from two different ends of the graveyard and you'll be lost in a sea of graves. The oldest are towards the center, some so old the names are worn off and unknown. The newest have fresh flowers seen often, and many figures kneeling in front of the headstones. Regardless, often, it is easy to find some kind of closure here.
This school is for the kiddies! From kindergarten to 8th grade, it provides the best education possible to growing youngsters while allowing them early integration with multiple species in a happy, safe environment.
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Have a problem? Need assistance? The Sheriff and the deputies of Orleans County are devoted to protect and serve. Drop on by for bad coffee.
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Have you committed a crime and now must go on trial? Here's where you would go. There are also numerous small trials that go on here daily that are open to the public.
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Have to do some time to pay for your crime? This is the lovely place where you will be thrown.
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Is your little angel feeling sick or has been injured? Bring them here to the animal hospital. They take a wide range of animals from the smallest bird, to the largest horse, to perhaps even flying reindeer.
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Have you completed the long trek through high school and are looking to continue your education? Come to Cry Wolf University! We have every major you could think of and our education system is one of the top in the state.
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This is the board for General Chat. You can really talk to about anything here... Just try to behave, okay kids. xDD
Here's where you can make your own personal thread tracker.
Roleplaying Guide, this is were you can find sites that help you with your rping, you can find sites that have free codes or pictures for your characters. Here, you can also find the RP School, were more advanced players can give you suggestions to make your rping better.
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Here is where you can find the different boards to post Advertisements and Affiliates. Just be warned, you need to post in the right board, or there will be trouble.
This here is the Graphics board, you can find someone just about anything here, in terms of Graphic artists. All you need to do, to get a studio, is to PM Dyzz with your Studio information and some examples.
Here is where you can find both OOC and IC games, contests, and even the place to post introductions.

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